I´m a believer

Life is what you make it, at least that’s what they say
Well I think i’m gon’ make it, fulfill my dreams one day.
I feel this fire growing deep inside of me, I’m so inspired knowing that its my destiny.

I breathe like a champion, I dream I’m a champion
I see I’m a champion, It’s meant to be.
My wills getting stronger, I cant wait any longer
I’m singing a song that’s inside of me.

’cause im a believer..
I know that I can make it, no matter what they say
So I’m a believer.
The future is now It starts today.

I keep my head up, everyday im waiting
Trying to find the patience
So close I can taste it..But sometimes it’s so hard
But im gonna keep on pushing, and Im gonna keep on fighting
And im gonna keep on trying because I’ve come too far

The Future is now ..It Starts Today


One thought on “I´m a believer

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